Arbitration Forum


April 10th-11th, 2018

For the first time the Law and Economics Foundation St. Gallen will host the Arbitration Forum. From 10th to 11th April, 2018, both leading Swiss and international arbitration experts will discuss current issues in modern dispute resolution. The focus will be on future trends and (more) efficient proceedings. The target audience consists of in-house counsels, arbitration counsels, arbitrators, as well as transaction lawyers and service providers for arbitration proceedings. With a substantial percentage of our speakers being in-house counsels, we will shed the spot light on the specific needs of clients and parties. The event's two-day setting allows everyone to engage in meaningful discussions.

Arbitration Forum Topics include...
  • ​Key note - Commercial Arbitration 2030
  • What do clients expect? The General Counsels' view
  • Arbitration in corporate stakeholder conflicts
  • Open discussion: today's challenges
  • Efficiency, evidence production, and the role of the arbitrator
  • Fighting institutional bureaucracy
  • The extension of arbitration clauses to non-signatories
  • Arbitration, the applicable law, precedents, and legal reasoning - how to get top-notch awards



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Thierry P. Augsburger
Programm Bild
Luís André Azevedo
Programm Bild
Marc Blessing
Programm Bild
Gary Born
Programm Bild
Eleonora Coelho
Programm Bild
Felix Dasser
Marcelo Doria
Coelho da Fonseca Negócios Imobiliários
Programm Bild
Felix R. Ehrat
Novartis AG
Programm Bild
Nelson Eizirik
Eizirik Advogados
Programm Bild
Marcelo Roberto Ferro
FCDG Advogados
Programm Bild
José Antonio Fichtner
Andrade & Fichtner Advogados
Programm Bild
Carlos S. Forbes
Mundie Advogados
Programm Bild
Harold Frey
Lenz & Staehelin
Programm Bild
Josef Fröhlingsdorf
Programm Bild
Daniel Greineder
Peter & Partners
Programm Bild
Renato Stephan Grion
Pinheiro Neto Advogados
Programm Bild
Márcio Souza Guimarães
FGV Law School
Programm Bild
Philipp Habegger
Habegger Arbitration
Programm Bild
Inka Hanefeld
Hanefeld Attorneys at law
Programm Bild
Boris Kasolowsky
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
Programm Bild
Nadja Jaisli Kull
Bär & Karrer AG
Programm Bild
Erika Levin
Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss PLLC
Programm Bild
Pedro A. Batista Martins
Batista Martins Advogados
Programm Bild
Francesca Mazza
German Institution of Arbitration
Programm Bild
Hans Nater
Nater Dallafior Attorney at law
Programm Bild
Peter Nobel
Nobel & Hug
Programm Bild
Christian Oetiker
Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution
Programm Bild
Valériane Oreamuno
Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution
Programm Bild
Camilla Perera - de Wit
P.R.I.M.E. Finance
Programm Bild
Christoph M. Pestalozzi
Lustenberger Rechtsanwälte
Programm Bild
Peter Rees
39 Essex Chambers
Programm Bild
Fabian von Schlabrendorff
Programm Bild
Peter Sester
University of St. Gallen
Programm Bild
Georg von Segesser
von Segesser Law
Programm Bild
Marco Stacher
Walder Wyss
Programm Bild
Luciano Timm
Programm Bild
Volker Viechtbauer
Red Bull GmbH
Programm Bild
Leonardo Viveiros
Leste Litigation Finance
Programm Bild
Angeline Welsh
Matrix Chambers
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Thomas Werlen
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP

Program of the Arbitration Forum

  • 09:00 - 12:30
  • Hotel Einstein

Morning Sessions

09:00  // Arrival, Registration and Coffee

09:30  // Short Welcome Words by Peter Sester and Markus Müller-Chen

Welcome Speech by Peter Nobel 

10:00  // Opening Discussion with General Counsels: What do our Clients Expect?

Felix Ehrat, Pedro Texeira, Volker Viechtbauer 
Moderator: Nadja Jaisli Kull

11:15  // Open Discussion: (where) does Arbitration Limp? Today's Challenges

Daniel Greineder, Francesca Mazza, Angeline Welsh
Moderator: Marco Stacher
Introductionary remarks: Philipp Habegger

  • 12:30 - 14:00
  • Hotel Einstein

Lunch Break

  • 14:00 - 17:45
  • Hotel Einstein

Afternoon Sessions

14:00  // Key Note - Commercial Arbitration 2030

Gary Born

14:45  // Short Comment by Hans Nater

Discussion moderated by José Antonio Fichtner

15:15  // Coffee Break

15:45  // Arbitration in Corporate Stakeholder Conflicts

Felix Dasser, Nelson Eizirik, Pedro A. Batista Martins
Moderator: Peter Sester

17:00  // Third Party Financing: Curse or Blessing?

Erika Levin, Leonardo Viveiros de Castro, Luciano Timm
Moderator: Thierry P. Augsburger

  • 17:45 - 19:00
  • Hotel Einstein


  • 08:45 - 12:15
  • Hotel Einstein

Morning Sessions

08:45  // Coffee & Gipfeli

09:15  // Fighting Institutional Bureaucracy

Carlos Forbes, Inka Hanfeld, Christian Oetiker, Valériane Oreamuno
Moderator: Fabian von Schlabrendorff

10:30  // Short Break

10:45  // Key Note by Marc Blessing - The Extension of Arbitration Clauses to Non-signatory Parties

11:15  // Arbitration in Banking and Finance: quo vadis?

Luís André Azevedo, Camilla Perera - de Wit, Peter Sester, Thomas Werlen
Moderator: Renato Grion

  • 12:15 - 14:00
  • Hotel Einstein

Lunch Break

  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • Hotel Einstein

Afternoon Sessions

14:00  // Arbitration, the Applicable Law, Precedents, and Legal Reasoning - How to get top-notch Arbitral Awards

Georg von Segesser (Swiss Perspective), Márcio Guimarães (Brazilian Perspective), Peter Rees (Common Law Perspective)
Moderator: Josef Fröhlingsdorf

15:15  // Coffee Break

15:30  // Efficiency, Evidence Production and the Role of the Arbitrator: US Style versus Civil Law Style Arbitration

Eleonora Coelho, Marcelo Ferro, Harold Frey, Boris Kasolowsky
Moderator: Christoph Pestalozzi

16:45  // Wrap Up & Outlook

Peter Sester


 Ticket Sale closed. Please contact Annique Drechsle ( for last minute inquiries. 

Cancellation Fee: 8,9% of Ticket Price
The start time indicated on the tickets might be adjusted. Please refer to the website for the exact program.


In Partnership With

The Institute of Public Finance, Fiscal Law and Law and Economics (IFF-HSG) was founded in 1966. It is one of the leading research institutes for fiscal and tax law in Switzerland. 

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The Center for Arbitration and Mediation was founded in 1979 by a group of lawyers and professors from the University of São Paulo´s School Of Law, with the support of the Brazil Canada Chamber of Commerce.
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Leste is a business platform founded in 2014 by senior executives with extensive experience in financial markets, corporations, real estate companies and law firms.
Leste has offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Miami and London. More information on the website

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ASA - Swiss Arbitration Association
ASA is a non-profit association with over 1200 members - of whom more than 450 from outside Switzerland, all practitioners and academics engaged and/or interested in domestic and international arbitration.

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The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Neuchâtel and Zurich established the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution as a not-for-profit organization which offers means of dispute resolution based on the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration and the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation.

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Transnational Dispute Management (TDM) is a comprehensive and innovative information service on the management of international disputes, with a focus on the rapidly evolving area of investment arbitration, but also in other significant areas of international investment (such as oil, gas, energy, infrastructure, mining, utilities etc). It deals both with formal adjudicatory procedures (mainly investment and commercial arbitration), but also mediation/ADR methods, negotiation and managerial ways to manage transnational disputes efficiently. See for more information.

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