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Buddy Program

The Buddy program was launched in the Fall Semester 2017/18. The Law and Economics Foundation wants to give Law and Economics students the opportunity to learn more about the program from experienced Students. Students that have gone through many classes and assignments can give advice and help the freshmen. 

With this program, we would like to help first semester students to prepare for their studies. On the other hand, the Law and Economics community will be strengthened. 

The program is supported by the SLESS, who convinces and gathers the buddies among law and economics students.  

Please note that the principle "first come, first served" is applied for the following application.

As a student in Law and Economics, you can register for the Buddy Program on this website. Please provide the following information: 

  • Contact information
  • Bachelor/Master
  • Email
  • Please let us know briefly on which topics your buddy can ideally advise you 

We are looking forward to your registration! 

Please register here


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