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Students of Bachelor of Arts in Law and Economics

Students of Master of Arts in Law and Economics

Law and Economics program was founded


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Integration Seminars

In the final semester, the MLE students attend three integration seminars with various teaching approaches combining lectures in the form of co-teaching, self-study, presentations by students, seminar discussions, workshops with practitioners, case studies and IT-supported communication. These integration seminars are supervised by representatives from different disciplines; and, they are participated in by a number of Swiss and foreign guest speakers, who are active in academic and/or practical fields of Law and Economics.

The seminars encourage the students to grasp complex problems and to develop problem solutions by means of case-based learning. Moreover, the MLE students, themselves, contribute to enriching the integration seminars by means of group work and a term paper. The three integration seminars culminate in the final colloquium of the MLE study program, which occurs at the end of the spring semester.

The integration seminars pursue three main objectives:

  • In the introductory section, the key concepts of the economic analysis of law are deepened.
  • Thereafter, single core problems of the relevant seminar are addressed in detail under the Law & Economics approach.
  • Finally, the students are expected to deduce, document and discuss problem-solving contributions under the guidance of the lecturers and their assistants.

Therefore, the students draw on all the knowledge they have acquired as well as methods learned through their study program. 


Integration Seminar


    Law & Economics of Enterprises

Integration Seminar


    Law & Economics of Innovation

Integration Seminar


    Law & Economics of Globalization

Integration Seminar


    Law & Economics of Regulated Markets and Business Ethics