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Alps Forum 2020: Law and Economics of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly undergone a breathtaking development in recent years. Today, 40% of companies use AI (Link) and 84% of executives are convinced that the technology grants their organizations a competitive advantage (Link). Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, is even convinced that technology could change humanity more than the invention of electricity (Link) and PWC calculates that global GDP could grow by up to 26% by 2030 due to AI (Link).

These developments raise many questions:

- What forms of application does AI find today and tomorrow in Switzerland and globally?
- Which factors enable and drive this development?
- What business, economic, legal and ethical challenges does the technology present?
- How are these challenges being addressed in Switzerland and the rest of the world?

These questions and much more will be discussed at the Alps Forum 2020 on 24 and 25 September. We are looking forward to new insights and interesting discussions with leading figures from business, law, politics and academia in a personal atmosphere in the middle of the calm-inspiring Swiss Alps.

Further information will follow shortly.

About the Alps Forum

The Alps Forum is an annual conference hosted by the Law and Economics Foundation St. Gallen. The focus of the forum lies on selected focal points of digital development.

The Alps Forum is unique in its concept which considers thematic interfaces from different perspectives. To do this, proven experts in the fields of economics, law, politics and academia jointly discuss economic, legal and social aspects at the Alps Forum.

Its rather small, exclusive setting (approx. 50 people) is also special. The Alps Forum thus offers space for a lively exchange in a confidential atmosphere far away from everyday life in the middle of the Swiss mountains.

Review Alps Forum 2019: Blockchain - Proven in Practice?

In 2019, blockchain technology is at a decisive stage. Both the technical maturaty and the application of the technology are at an advanced stage while the initial hype about the technology has subsided to a certain extent.

At the Alps Forum 2019 it was therefore discussed whether and to what extent the blockchain technology has proven itself in practice. For this purpose, concrete examples of practical applications from start ups to global players in the fields of banking, art, luxury goods, logistics, energy and 3D visualization were presented and discussed. Particular attention was paid to technical and legal aspects as well as the sustainability of the technology and its fields of application.

Many thanks to all participants and speakers for the lively discussions and exciting insights!